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  • Learning to Serve,
    Serving to Learn.
    Contributing to improving education and working
    for the rights and quality of life of many
    vulnerable populations.
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    The Arts, Brazil, Colombia,
    Central and Eastern Europe, Peru,
    Uniservitate and Uruguay
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CLAYSS in numbers

We provide support and technical assistance to:

Educational Institutions

of kindergarten, primary and secondary levels

in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Uruguay.


in Europe, Africa and Latin America


and 1,739 educators engaged in Service-Learning projects with CLAYSS support.


Community protagonists and beneficiaries.

Attendants to the 23rd International Conference:

Virtually and from their homes


From five continents


Since 2013, students from the professional school of Industrial Engineering of the Antonio Ruiz de Montoya University (UARM), in coordination with the financial company MiBanco, work to strengthen the capacities of small business in topics related to improving the productivity of their undertakings.

Fourth-year students carry out a diagnosis of the company's processes, present proposals to improve working methods and implement technological tools, social networks, database, etc., and track and improve productivity and production capacity. They have also included training talks, such as a) digital transformation in companies, b) productivity improvement, c) Workshop on working remotely.

It is a project aimed at senior citizens who are Day Centres located in the humble neighbourhoods in the city of Buenos Aires, as well as senior citizens of San Carlos de Bolívar Town Hall, in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The population which has a rich heritage, which has many stories to tell, rhythms to dance and songs to share, continuously expresses their need for contact, networks, participation, expression, speech, recognition, collective celebration, all needs that may be addressed through appreciation and experimentation with artistic languages.

In response, the De UNA team works as a travelling art company forming circumstantial casts in community spaces.

NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF THE ARTS (UNA). Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

University-Public Management

In CLAYSS, we are collecting service-learning experiences of educational institutions in different countries, which develop projects related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We invite educators to include your experiences to learn from each other

How to collaborate?

You can be part of our "Collaborators Network" so that more educational institutions shall continue to develop service-learning experiences with their communities.

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