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Networks and Partners

In CLAYSS, we believe in diversity and working with others as the best way to develop service-learning and thus transform reality. We understand that getting to know each other and discovering ourselves thanks to joint work enhances our work and increases its impact. That is why we support the development of more national and regional service-learning networks and are also part of networks that promote it worldwide.

Ibero-American Service-learning network

CLAYSS has founded and coordinates the Ibero-American Service-Learning Network (REDIBAS). Founded in Buenos Aires on 29th October 2005 and coordinated by CLAYSS and NYLC ever since, it has more than 90 government agencies, civil society organizations, universities and regional organizations from Latin America and the Caribbean, the United States, Spain and Portugal.

Members of REDIBAS

National Networks

Argentine Service-Learning Network 


Together with a group of local organizations, CLAYSS is promoting the creation of this Network. If your institution is interested in joining, please contact us:

Service-Learning Brazilian Network

Established in November 2017, it is supported by CLAYSS through its Service-Learning Promotion Programme in Brazil.

Chilean Service-Learning Network—REASE

It is one of the national networks with more experience in Latin America and with great work developed. CLAYSS has supported this Network since its foundation.

Spanish Service-Learning Network

It was created on 3rd November 2010 in Portugalete (Basque country). In 2019, Nieves Tapia, director of CLAYSS, was appointed honorary member.



Service-Learning Network in Mexico

It is promoted through the Service-Learning Promotion Programme in Mexico and developed by CLAYSS together with local partners.


Portugal: Observatory for Social Responsibility and Higher Education Institutions (ORSIES)

The Observatory for Social Responsibility and Higher Education Institutions in Portugal has been one of the latest additions to REDIBAS, providing sustained work concerning service-learning in recent years.


Service-Learning Network in Uruguay

It has been founded in the context of the CLAYSS Programme for Promotion of Service-Learning in Uruguay. In 2019, intensive work was done to provide it with a new impetus and achieve its consolidation.

Regional Networks

Central and Eastern European Service-Learning Network

Formed in 2015 and based on the Service-Learning Promotion Programme in the Balkan region, this Network brings together institutions from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovakia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia, with the participation of Croatia and Macedonia among other countries. It brings together institutions of all educational levels and civil society organizations.

European Association of Service-Learning in Higher Education

CLAYSS has been part of it since its first steps and is still an active member.

World Organizations and Networks

CAN Community Arts Network

CLAYSS is one of the founding members of this newly established Network.


International Association of Researchers on Service-Learning and Community Engagement. Nieves Tapia, Director of CLAYSS, joined the Founding Board in 2006. CLAYSS organizes, in partnership with IARSLCE, International Conferences of researchers for Latin America and other regions of the world. 

The Talloires Network of universities for the civic and social commitment

It brings together universities that have institutionally adopted USR as well as civic and social engagement policies; CLAYSS has been a member since 2007.

International Association for National Youth Service IANYS

CLAYSS participated in the Board of Directors between 1998 and 2006 and organized the 6° Global Conference of IANYS in Buenos Aires in 2002.

CLAYSS supports:


Global Youth Service Day, organized and promoted by Youth Service America (USA).