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This course is available in Spanish, Portuguese and English
Designed for Officers, professors and students of higher education institutions. Members of civil society organizations who work with higher education institutions
Duration 3 months.
Cohort #1 April-June
Cohort #2 September-November

Service-Learning in Higher Education

This virtual course offers theoretical and practical insight to design and develop service-learning (SL) proposals in Higher Education institutions. During this course, students will be able to analyse local and international experiences and incorporate valuable tools for project planning, development and evaluation within a community of practice.


  • Definitions. Theoretical background. Solidarity educational experiences in Latin America and other parts of the world.
  • Transitions to service-learning: from learning to solidarity service, from welfare-like approach to social development and from solidarity action to educational projects. Case studies.
  • Development of service-learning projects in Higher Education: specificity and objectives. 
  • Service-learning quality standards and evidence on the impact of service-learning projects on educational quality. 
  • Models to measure the impact and status of the research on service-learning. 


Work methodology

This course is entirely online. Participants will have optional online activities (videoconferences) with tutors or specialists regarding the topics being worked on. The tutors will be constantly monitoring the participants' approach regarding conceptual contents, suggested activities and their production of the final project.
Participants will be assisted by renowned specialists in this field who will continually offer advice and guide the individual production of a final integration project. Each student should spend an estimate of 4 hours per week reading and elaborating the topics proposed in the course.


  • Participation and/or handing of activities per unit.
  • Submission of an individual written production of a final project on service-learning



CLAYSS issues a 48-credit-hour certificate upon completion of the course with a passing grade.
For questions regarding course registration fees and schedule, please write to