Centro Latinoamericano de Aprendizaje y Servicio Solidario

Service-Learning Promotion Program in Central and Eastern Europe (Balkan region)

In November 2015, CLAYSS met with educators from different countries in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and discussed service-learning in Latin America and in the region. They were all enthusiastic about implementing and/or strengthening service-learning in schools, universities, and social organizations. That was the beginning of CLAYSS work in the region.

Since then we have:

- Jointly agreed that working language would be English

- Translated some of our training materials and together with regional partners adapted them for online and onsite activities in the region.

- Invited regional leaders to our annual conference in Buenos Aires.

- Supported regional institutions willing to incorporate this approach to education.

- Organized the First Service-Learning Week in CEE, Sarajevo, BiH, in October 2017.

- Published a Handbook that explains CLAYSS approach to service-learning with particular focus and sensitivity to this particular region.

- Awarded more than a hundred scholarships for our online courses: Development of Service-Learning Projects and Service-Learning in Higher education to educators in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, Poland, Russia, Albania, Kosovo, Hungary,

- Published Service-Learning experiences in our monthly newsletter.

- Participated in online webinars in the region.


gathered partners interested in spreading the topic in the region and promoting it as a public policy  promoted meeting and training instances given visibility to service-learning experiences in the region
published bibliography to help implement the topic in the region


What´s our goal?

CLAYSS goal is to expand the potential of service-learning as an innovative pedagogy to the educational sector of Central and Eastern Europe. In partnership with local allies the program targets teachers, NGOs leaders, public officers involved in education, and students involved in service-learning projects. Our main goal is to promote service-learning in Central and Eastern European educational institutions and NGOs in order to help innovate in education and improve education in the region by building local capacity and develop a critical mass interested in the subject.



We are dedicated to forming a critical mass interested in implementing service-learning projects and incorporating this pedagogy into institutions in Central and Eastern Europe by:
1.- building service-learning capacity in the region through training and technical assistance;

2.-promoting the creation of a Central and Eastern European Network and to help develop a critical mass interested in the subject, together with strengthening the voices of those already working on the subject at a regional level;

3.- and by establishing an exchange and horizontal cooperation between Central and Eastern European Network and CLAYSS and the Latin-American Service-learning Network.



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